Covid Considerations

Continuing to keep you safe…

If you would prefer to wear a face covering at any point during your visit, please feel free to do so…

Please ensure you have made your booking with us in advance online or by telephone.

Check the weather on the day of your trip. Ensure you bring along suitable clothing where necessary. We are unable to offer any wet weather clothing or loan kit. Please remember: No naked bodies! Wear a T-shirt at least!

If any of your party are showing any symptoms of Covid19, please do not leave home and contact our team immediately and we will rebook you.


You will be checked in verbally by our shore crew. No need to bring along a paper copy of your booking confirmation but instead have a copy on your phone (email or photo).

We ask passengers to arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes before departure, for check in, kit-up and a safety brief. If you arrive earlier you will not yet have access to the pontoon.

 Lifejackets will be issued, safety announcement will be given by our crew from a safe distance. The crew will also ensure they have been fitted correctly prior to allowing you to board our vessels.

If you would feel more comfortable if our crew wore a face covering whilst they fitted and checked your life jacket, please ask, we would be happy to oblige…