Lily camera update!

When we at LBRC were first alerted to the Lily camera, we were all VERY excited…!
After a couple of weeks of receiving Facebook notifications and emails from friends all saying ‘you NEEEEEED one of these…!!!’ We finally gave in and placed a pre order for one…

The delivery date of February 2016 seemed ages away.

Until today, when we received an email from Lily HQ to say that production has started….

Once again, we at LBRC are VERY excited about this!

Read the email for yourselves & roll on February….

Lily will make an excellent new member of our team!

Watch the promo video here:

Lily camera
Greetings from Lily HQ! This week, we’re excited to deliver a manufacturing update. As we mentioned last month, back in May we teamed up with a world-class Chinese manufacturing partner to build the Lily Camera at scale. We also hired a full-time team, pictured below, to closely manage our production line. This team is comprised of seasoned veterans who have built cameras together for the past fifteen years at companies such as Cisco, Dropcam, FLIP, and Nest/Google. We recently opened a Lily China office and our team there has been hard at work on your pre-orders ever since.
From left to right: Osmond (Director of Manufacturing Engineering), Wes (Quality Engineering Manager), Harry (Supply Chain and Materials Manager), Mike (Sr. Technical Program Manager), Doug (Chief Manufacturing Officer), Can Ming (Sr. Director of Asia Operations), Andrea (Technical Project Manager), Jerry (Supply Chain and Materials Engineer)

Over the course of the past several months, we have been refining our designs to ensure they are built at the highest standards of quality. In addition to these refinements, we have undertaken three major projects to expedite production.
First, we conducted a series of reliability tests: structural integrity analysis, drop tests, waterproofing jet tests, heat dissipation verification, sensor signal calibration, motor efficiency tests, propeller balancing, and embedded software simulation. These tests and simulations enabled us to achieve full product validation, but also led us to realize significant product improvements. We revamped the internal structure yielding a significant increase in strength, redesigned Lily’s propellers to improve flight stability, and sourced new motors with higher power efficiency.
Wes holding one of our test units.

Second, we got our production line locked and loaded. This included defining and validating the assembly line process, training employees to operate the line, inspecting all test routines, and streamlining the entire system for efficient unit turnaround.
Third, we created and validated all manufacturing tools and assemblies needed to build the Lily Camera. This involved cutting the steel tools needed to produce Lily’s plastic and rubber parts using injection molding, as well as setting up and testing the machines that create all the custom metal pieces of Lily.
With these milestones complete, we are proud to announce that we produced the first units off the production line this week! Every step of the line has undergone rigorous testing, and we are ready to proceed with next steps.
First unit off the production line! The housing is giving off that sheen in the image because the unit hadn’t been textured yet. Additionally, the color of the propeller hub will be updated.
Back view.

What’s next?
On the hardware side, the Lily China team is preparing to ramp up production. Meanwhile, at Lily HQ in San Francisco, our engineering team is working day and night to test software, firmware, and image quality on the first units coming off the line. Look out for a more detailed update on this process in the coming weeks.
We have several important milestones to hit between now and shipping in order to deliver a truly magical user experience. We are committed to communicating our engineering and manufacturing progress with as much transparency as possible.
Thank you so much for your continued support. Building a product at scale is hard. Building a flying camera at scale is even harder. We’re so thankful to have you on this journey with us.
Stay tuned!
-Team Lily




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